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Changing the oil in your car is crucial to keeping your car in good conditions. In this modern day and age maintenance is not exactly something many people are acquainted with. Televisions, phones, and other gadgets that we now own, rarely need maintenance vehicle are not there, yet. Not changing the oil is a very expensive mistake that can cost far more than any maintenace. For this reason at Smart Synthetics we want to talk about why your car needs oil changes.

Oil Changes are Essential to Car Maintenance

One of the most important parts of a car maintenance is changing the oil. We previously discussed some of the many essential functions that motor oil has, in another post titled Why the Quality of Motor Oil Is so Important. Due to the many important jobs of the oil, it is of utmost importance that it maintains its properties in order to carry out all its functions correctly. Over time, oil is affected by many factors and can deteriorate and wear out. This is why the oil needs to be changed, clean and fresh oil works much better and maintains many beneficial properties that can be lost over time.

Oil Changes Prevent Loss of Effectiveness

One factor that contributes to the breakdown of oil is friction. Friction between the moving parts in the engine is reduced by the oil but the constant movement still creates heat. Conventional motor oils contain natural properties that breakdown at high temperatures and in turn decompose faster and loose effectiveness sooner, therefore, they need to be changed much more regularly than synthetic oils. Synthetic oils have a resistant chemical composition that allow them to be much more resilient to many factors, including intense heat and other elements. These enhanced chemical properties make synthetic oils last much longer  and almost twice as much, without needing to be changed. Even synthetic oil however, does not last forever, and eventually must also be changed.

Synthetic Oil in Detroit, MI

Check the oil constantly, to make sure there are proper levels of oil, and to spot any signs that an oil change is needed. Use synthetic oil, and request that only the best be used in every oil change. Amsoil is the finest and first synthetic oil on the market, its incredible properties will enhance your vehicle´s performance and prolong engine life. Contact us today and purchase Amsoil Oil in Detroit. Call (877) 869-0443 now.
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