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2 Things to Look for When Checking the Oil

Checking  the engine oil is just as important as the oil change because it is part of the routine maintenance that keeps you vehicle in good conditions. Not all engine problems are caused by worn out oil, in fact many are caused by the lack of adequate amounts of oil in the engine. At Smart Synthetics we want to discuss what to look for when you checking your oil.

Check the Oil Levels and Look for Oil Leaks

There are two main things you need to check for when checking the oil of your vehicle. The first is the level of the oil and the second is the condition the oil is in. An oil check does more than just tell you if the oil levels are adequate.The level of the oil will let you know if you need to add more oil to the engine, and might also make you aware of any other problem that the engine may be encountering. For example if you notice that between oil checks the oil is very low and you constantly need to add more oil then there might be a problem in the seals, valve or piston ring. Have a mechanic take a closer look if you are experiencing oil leaks or extreme consumption of oil in short periods of time as this might indicate a deeper problem.

Check the Appearance and Viscosity of the Oil

The second thing you need to look for when checking your oil is the consistency and appearance. Dark oil does not indicate in itself a problem but if it seems full of particles and other dust agents then it might be getting dirty. The viscosity of the oil should be just right enough for it to flow through your fingers without a problem or without getting too sticky but not so watery that it drips off immediately. If it has a whitish or pearly appearance then it might have been contaminated by another fluid, this could mean that coolant is dripping into the oil and it can be an underlying problem that can cause a lot of damage, so have it checked by a professional.

Synthetic Oil Change in Sterling Heights, MI

Trust only the professionals when it comes to your vehicle, get your car checked out when in doubt and never miss an oil change. At Smart Synthetics we are highly qualified professionals that are  happy to answer all your question. We offer only the best products for your car, we know how important your vehicle is, and we want to help you protect your investment. For the most efficient synthetic oil use only Amsoil. Call (877) 869-0443 to buy Amsoil in Detroit, and start experiencing the many benefits of its endured protection, soon.
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