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When getting an oil change many places will offer extra services, one of the services that might be offered is an engine flush. Today at Smart Synthetics we will talk about just what an engine flush is and when they are needed.

What Is an Engine Flush?

An engine flush is basically just what the title says, a flush of all the fluids inside the engine in order to cleanse the inside. It is carried out in order to remove all the waste, build-up and old fluids that are inside the engine and its parts. It is normally done along with an oil change since it usually needs to be carried out after the oil has been drained but before new oil is put in. It is typically offered at most car service centers and consists of pouring a chemical inside the engine, that acts as a cleaning agent, to remove all of the impurities that may be stuck to the engine parts.

Engine Flushes Are Not Needed When Proper Maintenance Is Done

In most cases, an engine flush is unnecessary and irrelevant to the needs of your car. If you keep up to date with most of your car maintenance then you will most likely not need it. New vehicle models are not built to withstand the harsh chemical used in engine flushes, and should stay away from engine flushes because the engine is likely to suffer more damage than good by the flush, specially when not needed.

Special Cases Where an Engine Flush Is Needed

Keeping in mind that most well cared for cars won´t benefit from an engine flush, there are special cases where an engine flush is needed. One of the most common case in which an engine flush is in fact needed, is when a major repair is already being done to a car and a severe sludge and build up problem is detected. It is typical that very neglected vehicles need engine flushes, but in this cases the damage already done to the car by the serious debris build up has already compromised some part of the engine, and that part will most likely also need replacement. Always get your car looked at before and make sure that a complete diagnosis of the problem is done. If your vehicle has a sludge build up problem that is harmful and serious, double check that a cleaning chemical agent is in fact needed and safe for your car, before blindly saying yes to an engine flush.

Oil Change in Sterling Heights

The best way to stay safe and maintain your car free of debris is to use the right oil and get your oil changed according to your manufacturer´s recommendations.  The correct use of Amsoil oil can almost guarantee that you wont need an engine flush any day soon. Use Amsoil oil in Sterling Heights and care for your vehicle the way it ought to be. Contact us to find out more about the many benefits of synthetic oil, and to voice any of your doubts or concerns regarding oil changes. Call (877) 869-0443 today.
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