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Although the water, gasoline and brake fluid are all valuable fluids for your engine, the oil is excruciatingly vital to the survival of your vehicle. That is why the quality of the oil you use is so important. At Smart Synthetics we want to talk about the importance of using the best oil for your engine, and in all your oil changes.

Engine Oil Has Many Important Functions

The oil in your engine has many important jobs, these allow the engine to function. Motor oil assists in keeping the engine cool, lubricates all the parts in your engine and interacts with the moving parts in order for them to function correctly. It may also helps protect the engine against external agents that can make its way inside.  Not all oils are the same, therefore not all of them are able to protect the engine to the same extent. Only a good quality synthetic oil can truly work to cover all of your engine´s needs and offer full protection.

Synthetic Oil Offers Better Protection and More Benefits

There are many added benefits that a good synthetic oil can provide, these include enhanced performance in all types of weather including extreme temperatures, as well as excellent protection against sludge build up. Another great advantage is that, because of its enhanced chemical composition synthetic oil lasts longer than other types of motor oil and your vehicle can go longer between oil changes. This is not to say you can postpone oil changes for extreme period specially if your driving conditions are harsh and your vehicle is in constant use. When using most motor oils it is recommended that the oil be changed about every 3,000 miles, but when using synthetic oils, you can even go up to twice that much, about 6,000 miles before really needing an oil change.

Oil Change in Detroit

Always use the highest quality oil in all your oil changes. The next time you get an Oil Change in Detroit make sure they use only the best. Amsoil is the best synthetic oil for your engine,  it provides added protection and incredible durability. Contact us now to learn more about Amsoil in Detroit. Call (877) 869-0443 and start using synthetic oil today.
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