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From large lawnmowers to small ones, from cars to motorcycles and all types of engines, synthetic oil is the way to best provide protection and durability for your vehicles and machines. That is why today at Smart Synthetics we want to further discuss synthetic oil changes in regards to a machines such as lawnmowers.

Why Use Synthetic Oil in Your Lawnmower

Lawnmowers are very useful and handy machines that allow your property to look well groomed, but they usually take on a lot of dirty work.Some of the smaller machines do not have a very sufficient filter and can greatly benefit from synthetic oil that can keep the oil clean for longer and the machine running smoothly. Even those larger machines that have filters and more horsepower can experience incredible advantages when utilizing synthetic oil. The strong composition of the synthetic oil formula allows for better performance and enhanced durability for your machines, preventing any damages caused by all sorts of factors such as soot build up. That is why Amsoil has two stroke and four stroke synthetic oil specially created for all your engines. Contact us now, to find out which type of synthetic oil would best suit your needs.

Before You Begin Changing the Oil

Getting a synthetic oil change for your lawnmower is not that difficult and you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Since there are several different models, types and sizes of lawnmowers you may want to consult the owner´s manual of your specific lawnmower for further verification and to be able to specifically locate the areas of the spark plug, oil drain plug and filler hole before starting the oil change. Also, we recommend you do this in a spacious surface and if possible have bricks or other material to help you either lift the lawnmower or tilt it to the side where the oil drain will need to take place. If you have a big riding lawnmower the oil change may be slightly more similar to that of a car and other precautions may be needed so in this case you may want to have an assistant nearby and always check your manual for more information.

How to Do a Synthetic Oil Change in Your Lawnmower

  1. The first thing you need to consider is the type of SAE that your lawnmower requires so that you can make sure you have the correct type of synthetic oil for your lawnmower´s engine. You can also find this information in the manufacturer´s recommendations.
  2. Now, warm the oil by turning on your lawnmower for about 60 seconds, just to warm the oil and move it around from any areas that it may retain the oil.
  3. After, make sure that the spark-plug is removed and that the lawnmower cannot accidentally start. This is important to avoid any accidents in any type of maintenance that  your lawnmower undergoes.
  4. Next, check for the drain plug, most lawnmowers have this under the deck and it may be some sort of plug or bolt and in some cases may require a socket wrench.
  5. If it is a small or medium sized mower lift it up with bricks or tilt it to the side and before removing the drain plug place a pan underneath that area so that as soon as you open it, the oil can drain directly into the pan and not splash on your floor
  6. After all the oil has drained and there is very little drip coming out place the plug again and make sure you pack the drained oil in a container for safe disposal at a Waste Disposal Site
  7. Next add synthetic oil of the appropriate SAE according to the manufacture´s guidelines. The filler hole for some lawnmowers may be located at the top or near the engine. It will either have a dipstick to let you know the level up to which it needs to be filled or it may not have a dipstick and need to be filled up to nearly the top.
  8. Place the oil cap back on the filler and double check that the drain plug is also placed and tightened correctly.
  9. Finally reconnect the spark plug and turn on your mower for a minute or so to make sure the oil is distributed correctly and you may try out your lawnmower, now enhanced with the many benefits of synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Change in Troy

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