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Keep Your Engine Protected Against Friction With Synthetic Oil

When it comes to engine problems, friction tends to be the number one culprit, that is why most engine malfunctions arise when you do not check the oil and change it on time. Not only that, but the quality and type of motor oil that you use, make all the difference. Since friction is a factor that your engine needs to be completely protected against all the time, at Smart Synthetics we want to further discuss this subject and provide more specific information on the matter.

What causes Friction Inside the Engine?

Friction within the engine is caused when the engine parts are working and they have contact as they move.  When that happens there is a slight collision against one another, this causes harsh rubbing against the parts, in a manner that is constant and dangerous. The rubbing between parts wears them out and depending on how constant and continuous that scraping is, the parts will not last very long without lubrication.

The Dangerous Effects of Friction

If friction deteriorate those engine pieces they will stop working, and so will the engine. In the case that the engine pieces abruptly break while the engine is running,they could unchain several other malfunctions within the engine. Regardless of the case, every little piece inside the engine counts and if one is not working it the entire engine will not function properly and your vehicle will be pretty much useless as means of transportation. These breakdowns caused by friction can be deadly to your engine and repairs can be extremely expensive. Most warranties will not cover this type of problems, because they are preventable, and will be deemed as an effect of maintenance negligence.

Ways to Prevent Engine Damage Caused by Friction

Preventing friction from harming your engine is not very difficult, all it takes is understanding the important role that motor oil plays and making sure it stays in good conditions all the time. The main purpose of motor oil is to protect the engine against friction through proper lubrication. Checking the oil often and making sure that both the state and the amount is adequate, is important to make sure it can correctly carry out its job. To learn more about what you should look for when checking the oil, visit our previous post here.  

Full Synthetic Oil for Superior Lubrication

The most proactive way to help your engine stay protected and ensure better lubrication is to always use an excellent full synthetic oil such as Amsoil. Amsoil provides complete coverage against friction, regardless of the driving conditions or extreme temperatures. Go to our Amsoil online shop to find the best products for your vehicle or contact us directly for personalized help in finding the right full synthetic oil to meet the needs of your engine.

Different Motor Oil Types Different Levels of Protection

  • Conventional motor oil- Weak. Regular or conventional motor oil does offer some level of friction protection but its lubrication efforts can be easily diminished when facing difficult situations such as harsh driving conditions or severe temperatures. It easily thickens when low degrees are reached. The thickening of the oil causes the oil to not be able to travel effectively to provide lubrication and friction protection at cold temperatures. It also lacks the ability to keep its lubrication properties in the heat, as its molecular structure breaks down at high temperatures.
  • Synthetic blend- Somewhat good. This type of motor oil offers a bit higher protection than conventional motor oil and somewhat more sufficient lubrication but not as strong and complete as that of full synthetic oil. This is because synthetic blends are a mixture of both synthetic and conventional motor oil and have some of the weaknesses of conventional oil with a few strengths from full synthetic oil. Why have just partial benefits, when you can have the complete benefits and entire protection of full synthetic oil?
  • Full synthetic oil- Highly effective. There is no comparison, full synthetic oil is definitely the most effective type of motor oil for the job. From improved engine performance to constant and total protection against friction, sludge and other harmful factors that the engine faces. No motor oil does its job better than full synthetic oil, but you don´t have to take our word for it, prove it for yourself.

Incredible Deals for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Warren

Let your engine experience the benefits of full synthetic oil, start using Amsoil, today. Call us now at (248) 918-1582 and take advantage of our incredible deals for your next synthetic oil change.
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