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A Smart Way to Help Reduce Environmental Waste With Synthetic Oil While Improving Your Motor

Studies have been conducted to help determine what are the most predominant causes of pollution and environmental problems in our world today. The results showed that the top three pollution sources are: transportation, food manufacturing, and energy generation, in that order. Since transportation has become our top pollutant, making smarter choices when it comes to the products we use in our vehicles can make an impactful difference. Fuel is a constant and necessary product that is a requirement for our vehicles to be driven, but motor oil is the second most needed fluid in our vehicles and it is crucial for engine maintenance and functioning. Today, we want to talk about how synthetic oil changes can positively influence the environment through a substantial reduction of used oil waste.

Reducing Oil Waste by Minimizing Oil Changes With Amsoil Synthetic Oil

The lower the number of oil changes that are required the less the amount of oil that needs to be disposed of and the higher the chance of preventing oil waste contamination. Using conventional motor oil will lead to at least 15 oil changes for a single vehicle, in a period of five years, if the oil changed in just one of those oil changes is discarded in our waterways it will lead to an oil slick of more than two acres. Amsoil´s Signature Series Synthetic Oil has been designed to last for over 25,000 miles, that means that in average a car that uses this type of oil will only need to have around 4 oil changes in a period of 5 years. Amsoil has always been the finest brand in synthetics and remains constantly revolutionizing the industry with more efficient products that aid pollution reduction and improve engine performance. Contact us now or visit our Amsoil online store to select the best products for your vehicle.

3 Important Considerations For Better Engine Maintenace and Environmental Care With Synthetic Oil

  • Manufacturing. Synthetic oil does use a more chemical process and less natural resources for its manufacturing but this not only helps preserve the natural deposits of fossil fuel but also improves the molecular structure and overall protection and lubrication execution of the oil. Regular conventional oil contains higher petroleum-based crude products that are refined and altered to adapt the oil to be used in your engine but it cannot deliver the same level of protection and efficient lubrication.
  • Other considerations. Another thing to consider in regards to your motor oil is the result in other areas. Conventional motor oil leads to a higher production of soot and residue build up that can cause your engine to become more soiled and result in more emissions and a higher risk of pollution. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, keeps your engine clean and helps remove soot deposits and other impurities that may cause contamination. The fact that synthetic oil also renders better lubrication and eliminates much resistance leads to better fuel efficiency. Helping you experience up to 5% in gasoline savings, which can truly add up for your savings and those of the environment. For more information on improving the fuel economy of your vehicle with sythetic oil changes, read our previous post here.
  • Disposal. Any type of motor oil whether it be regular petroleum-based, synthetic blend or full synthetic oil requires that it be disposed of correctly. This means that it should not be thrown down the drain or sewer or placed in the trash. The most responsible way to dispose of used motor oil is to place it in a recycled container and take it to a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility where it can be recycled. If you do your own oil changes it is important to investigate where the nearest HHW facility is, so you can take the used oil there after every change. Under normal conditions, both used conventional and synthetic motor oil can be recycled.

Make a Smarter Choice and Enjoy Great Deals With a Synthetic Oil Change in Clinton Township

When you choose full synthetic oil you are making a smarter choice for your vehicle and the environment not to mention the savings that you will enjoy with a reduced need for oil changes. Upgrade your engine´s efficiency with a synthetic oil change, and prevent further oil waste from accumulating in the wrong places and harming our environment. At Smart Synthetics, we can help you choose the right products for all essential engine maintenance. Call us at (248) 918-1582 and get the best deals on Amsoil full synthetic oil.
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