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Synthetic Oil Changes Protect the Engine and Improve Fuel Efficiency

As we mentioned in a previous post, friction is one of the most recurring culprits when it comes to engine problems. However, there is more to friction than just the damage it can cause, it also affects the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. That is why today at Smart Synthetics we want to talk about how synthetic oil changes not only protect your engine but also improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.

The Engine Needs Synthetic Oil to Perform Better

The engine is responsible for converting the gasoline into fuel that powers all the different functions required to get the car moving and working properly. When the engine is working its internal pieces are in motion and moving past each other, this means that they are facing harsh friction if not properly lubricated. That friction not only places the engine in danger but also causes certain resistance. The resistance between the engine pieces causes them to have difficulty as they move against one another, and makes them much slower as they struggle to continue in motion. All this hard work causes the engine to require much more strength to get the job done and therefore it needs to use up more gasoline to fuel the work.

Good Lubrication and Better Gas Mileage With Synthetic Oil

Effective lubrication can prevent many harmful effects and bring incredible benefits to your vehicle. A well lubricated engine means a better performance, more protection and greater savings. For the most complete and supreme lubrication, use only full synthetic oil. Its optimum ability to withstand all conditions, and combat friction continuously makes it the most ideal way to make sure your engine stays safe and working at its very best. Visit our Amsoil online shop for great quality products that help maintain your engine in top shape. You can also contact us immediately with any questions about Amsoil full synthetic oil, and we will gladly respond as soon as possible.

How the Oil System Helps Fight Friction

The type of motor oil you use makes a difference, but it does not work alone. The entire oil system is important in order to truly be able to offer lubrication to the engine parts that require it. The lubrication system is made up by the oil pump, the pick up tube, the pressure relief valve, the oil filter, the spurt holes and galleries and the oil pan. First the oil is sucked out from the oil pan and into the the pick up tube by the oil pump. A good working oil pump will suck out more oil than is actually needed as a way of making sure that there is always enough lubrication available for the engine. This also leads to a higher level of pressure caused by the excess oil, that is why the pressure relief valve is important, it allows the overload of pressure to be released, before it harms the engine.

Less Friction Means Better Fuel Efficiency

After the oil has been retrieved adequately from the oil pan and into the pick up tube, the oil goes through the oil filter. This is where all junk and gunk that may have have been picked up by the oil in the previous lubricating cycle, or that may have adhered to the oil  while it waited in the oil pan. After the oil filter removes the impurities, the oil is free to be spread out by the spurt holes and galleries to the parts that need to be coated with lubrication. Once these parts have been lubricated the oil drips back into the oil pan where it will either be picked up again to repeat the cycle or wait until the vehicle is used again, if the engine has been turned off. The less friction the engine withstands the more gasoline efficient it can be, as oil allows the parts to move much more easily and quickly. That is why great lubrication is essential for more substantial savings.

Amazing Deals for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Sterling Heights

Full synthetic oil can help you save gasoline by allowing the engine to work much more quickly and efficiently. Synthetic oil coats the engine pieces with a thick and smooth film that will allow them to slide easily and effortlessly past one another.  Buy Amsoil full synthetic oil for best results and go get your oil change today. Call us now at (248) 918-1582 and find out just how much synthetic oil can do for your vehicle and your wallet.
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