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Why Synthetic Oil Changes and Oil Checks Are of Such Importance

Keeping the oil level stable and the oil in a good state will allow the engine to carry out its functions in a safer more effective manner, and getting a synthetic oil change as needed will allow the engine to enhance its performance and durability. That is why today we want to discuss why both oil checks and synthetic oil changes are such an important part of engine maintenance.

The Need For Quality Synthetic Oil

An engine needs a satisfying level of oil in order to work correctly and without problems, but the type of motor oil used also marks a significant difference. Amsoil full synthetic oil, is the best type of motor oil for all engines, as it not only offers supreme lubrication and most ample benefits, but it also carries out every function in the most efficient and effective manner. Without appropriate lubrication and an effective motor oil, the engine will start facing malfunctions and breakdown quickly. Protect your engine against all potential problems, from friction to sludge with Amsoil. Start saving while protecting your engine, contact us this instant.

Steps for Checking the Oil in Your Engine

In order to stay well aware of the level and condition of the oil in your engine, you must perform regular oil checks. In most cases checking the oil once every three to four weeks is enough. Before checking the oil, always make sure that the engine has cooled off to avoid any heat accidents. Then proceed to lift the hood and spot the motor oil dipstick. Have a towel or a cloth in hand, and pull out the dipstick, clean off any oil residue that is stuck to the dipstick´s end. Next, place the dipstick back inside and pull it out again, this time, do not wipe it clean, but look at the oil smear left on the end of the dipstick. The dipstick should have two lines or symbols, the top line or symbol indicates that the oil level is full and the bottom one indicates that it is very low. If the oil leaves an imprint very close to the top line then the oil level is fine, but if it is closer to the bottom mark then it needs to be refilled promptly. In the event that the oil imprint is between both lines then it is best to add more oil than to leave it as is.

Needing Oil Refills Often May Indicate Engine Problems

Keeping in mind that an engine is not supposed to need many refills of oil in a short period of time, is important. When an engine needs to be refilled often, it means there is something wrong. The most usual reason for more oil to be required by the engine is a leak, however, a lot of different factors can affect how rapidly the oil is used up. Conventional motor oil will tend to not last as much as synthetic oil because of its reduced molecular strength. In the case, that your engine seems to be using up an abnormal amount of oil, it is best to have it checked by a professional. There could be a malfunction in any area of the engine that may be causing the engine to work harder and, therefore, use up more oil.

How to Detect If the Oil Needs to Be Changed

Oil checks are not just for checking the level of the oil, they are also a good way to detect when the oil has been overused. Knowing when to change your oil is easy when you keep a record of the past oil changes and other maintenance jobs, but it is always good to stay on top of this by also looking at the condition of the oil. You can place the dipstick back for the third time and move it around so more oil adheres to it, then take it out again and transfer the oil from the dipstick to your fingers. Rub your oily fingers together and see if the oil leaves a streak of dirt or smudge, if it does leave a trace of dirt or feels filthy then it needs to be changed.

Better Synthetic Oil Change Deals in Troy

At Smart Synthetics, we know that taking good care of an engine starts with checking the oil and getting synthetic oil changes. That is why we only offer the utmost superior synthetic oil, at favorable prices. Call us now at (248) 918-1582 or toll-free at (877) 869-0443 and learn about our Amsoil deals.
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