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There is a lot of controversial information out there regarding synthetic oil and regular motor oils, and it may get confusing trying to decipher it all and make the right choice. That is why today at Smart Synthetics we want to answer some of the most common questions about synthetic oil changes.

Why Choose a Synthetic Oil Change Over Regular Motor Oil?

From savings to engine protection, there are numerous reasons why a synthetic oil change is the best option and this merits a post of its own. Right now we would like to focus on the fact that synthetic oil offers better protection and truly enhances the performance of the engine. Basically, an engine that has always used conventional oil has probably not experienced its full potential.  A lot of factors come into play when it comes to the performance of the engine, but the motor oil is one of those factors that has the most influence over the potential of the engine. To find out more on how the type of motor oil you use truly makes a difference, read our post here.

Can I Use Synthetic Oil Even If I Always Used Conventional Oil Before?

The sweet and simple answer to this question is yes, you can use synthetic oil even if your engine has always used conventional motor oil. Now, although it is completely safe to start using synthetic oil after using conventional oil for many years, there are still a few precautions you can take to make the best and smoothest transition.

Synthetic Oil Will Take Care of the Mess Conventional Oil May Have Left Behind

The first thing you should know is that conventional motor oil can leave behind several soot and sludge deposits that will accumulate overtime. The residue builds up and sticks to different engine parts, eventually causing the engine pieces to not work properly and leading to engine breakdowns. The sludge that builds up can make its way to the seals, and in some vehicles that have very worn out seals, the sludge may clog the cracks and holes in the seals and prevent leaks. Although it sounds like a good thing, it really isn´t because it means they are covering up a more serious problem and accumulating sludge in quantities that may be dangerous to the engine.

Get Any Leaks Checked and Change the Oil Filter

Synthetic oil has beneficial cleansing properties that will help clean out the sludge deposits in the engine. It detaches the soot stuck to different parts of the engine and it is then filtered from the synthetic oil as it passes through the oil filter.  This means that if there is sludge stuck to the seals covering up a leak, it will be removed and the leak will be exposed. It also means that your oil filter may be more dirty after your first synthetic oil change. All of these, are signs the synthetic oil is doing a good job of cleaning and keeping your engine guarded against damaging factors, so check your oil filter and clean or replace it as needed. You can purchase a new and inexpensive oil filter and other quality products in our online store here or dial our toll free number (877) 869-0443 today.

Can I Switch Back and Forth Between Conventional and Synthetic Oil?

Yes, you can switch between conventional and synthetic oil but there are several important reasons why we do not recommend this. The main reason switching between synthetic and conventional motor oil is not recommended is because the advantages that synthetic oil offers may be diluted or minimized if you constantly switch back and forth between synthetic and conventional, not allowing the engine to truly display the resilience and surpassing benefits it can provide. Another reason is that since synthetic oil changes last much longer and extend the time between oil change intervals they can save you a great deal of time and money. However, if you continue to use conventional motor oils and switch back and forth between that and synthetic, you may not be able to notice these savings and will end up getting oil changes sooner because conventional oil does not last as long and needs to be replaced more often.

Get the Best Deals for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Clinton Township

Get your synthetic oil change immediately and start protecting your engine with Amsoil 100% synthetic oil. Amsoil provides complete protection and can help the engine truly perform at its best while prolonging its durability. Call (248) 918-1582 now, and ask about our great deals on the best synthetic oil and other quality products.
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