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Our goal is to become your source for AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, lubricants and filtration products. If after searching all over for answers and asking numerous “experts” you’re still confused, you have come to the right place for factual answers. We give you concise factual answers... You've spent a lot of money on your new vehicles and other equipment and you need concise, factual answers on all aspects of synthetic lubrication and air filtration. Do yourself a favor and receive your answers from an expert, not the guy at the local quick lube or discount auto parts store. Consumers often ask people they think are qualified and get an answer that they believe is accurate, and then make critical decisions based on this inaccurate advice. It is our intention to help people learn the facts and make ourselves available to personally answer their specific questions with concise, factual answers supported by data. In this day and age of high-performance synthetic lubrication it just doesn’t make any sense to use petroleum oil, yet every day millions of people still do, because they don’t know the facts. After years of trying to convince certain manufacturers to use a high quality extended drain interval synthetics in the U.S., We have concluded that it will most likely never happen due to reasons other than technical and engineering issues. In our opinion these issues center around cost, profits, service work, parts sales and product life cycle issues.

We provide custom lubrication solutions to all types of customers. From families to trucking fleets, we have the products and expertise to help you save time and money. We serve customers across North America, and we are always happy to help any way we can. Contact us for more information on AMSOIL products, for help determining which products you need or to place an order. You can also order online.

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